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To Be In The Know, Pet Sitting Basics
How is pet sitting different from boarding?
Pet Sitting is awesome!!  We care for your pets in their home, where they feel comfortable.  They get to keep their routine, see the same person every visit, get to enjoy their backyard and play with all their favorite toys and games.

Questions to ask when interviewing potential pet sitting companies on the phone ~

  • Are you insured?  By whom?
    • Yes!  This makes sure that if anything happens to your pet under my care, I am covered by an insurance company to take care of any liability.  Posh Pet Services is insured through Business Insurers of the Carolina's.
  • Do you advertise while working?
    • Definitely not! I want your home and pet's safety along with mine first.  Advertising on vehicles or handing out cards while walking your dog is very dangerous, it lets nosey neighbors and potential burglars know that your are away.
  • Is this a full time job for you?  Would there ever be a time that you could not accommodate a client visit request, given sufficient notice?
    • Yes!!  Sheila has spent the last 5 years loving and caring for others fur-babies!  She is lucky enough to be doing her dream job!  Our employees are ready to watch your pets at the drop of a hat too!  We almost always are able to make last minute visits - if we can't be there for your fur-babies when you need us, why use us?  For holidays and vacations, I always reserve plenty of space for my clients, and only accept new clients accordingly, but the sooner you tell me your plans the better!
  • Is there any time during the year you would not be available for service?
    • No, once you are part of the Posh family we will always do our best to accommodate your service requests.  We are always available during holidays!
  • What is your back up plan if you become ill or have an emergency?
    • We have a few employees so if someone is out of town or ill, your pets will still get their visits!
  • Who is coming to my house?
    • Sheila is always the primary sitter, if an employee's help is needed you be informed and they will first come to your home With Sheila, to learn and meet animals.  No stranger will walk alone in to your home.  Employees are selected very carefully!
  • Ask for a list of references.
    • Want to hear from some of our clients?  Just let us know and we will make arrangements!
What is a consultation?  Why is it necessary?
This is the initial meet and greet of the pets, parents, and the pet sitter.  I will be gathering information on each pet, your vet, yourself, and your home.  I welcome your questions and am very through and promise you will feel completely comfortable with me and the service I provide.  This also gives me the chance to go through your daily routine and see where all the necessary supplies are in your home.

How do I make appointments after the initial consultation?
Easy!!  Your are  a phone call or text away from being on my appointment book.  You can always email me details of your plans or requests, we will always answer as quickly as possible!

Specifics on care during vacation ~
  • Initial contact is made via text when I arrive at your home
  • Updates throughout care as specified
  • Receive a care sheet detailing each visit: including potty habits, exercise, mood, and requests done around the home.
  • If you decide to come home early, just let me know as soon as you decide, and you will only be charged one visit in addition to what has been completed, the remainder paid will be a credit to your account.
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